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Do it look like I was left off Bad & Bougee: What The Migos Can teach you about teamwork!

Brandon Lincoln Hendricks



Do it look like I was left off Bad and Bougee: What The Migos Can teach you about teamwork!.
Image Credit: WireImage Copyright:2016 Prince Williams

Who are the Migos? 

Usually family businesses are the toughest forms of businesses to conduct because there are so many cases when the line between business and family becomes blurred. This blurred line usually leads to miscommunication and misunderstanding and ultimately leads to stagnancy in the business or ruined relationships. Atlanta’s familial trio defy the odds by being related while being able to successfully work so closely together. For ten years, these three talented artist have been on the American hip hop radar and have not in one interview or source hinted that things for them as a group were ever coming to an end. A decade of dedication and construction of their musical empire has been invested.  So many of us have to wonder HOW on earth do they accomplish such an arduous feat? 

Commitment and Trust: No Migo gets left behind! 

First and for most, they never throw each other under the bus. They understand the idea that they are only as strong as their weakest link. When asked “What do y’all do when one of y’all is late?” Quavo astoundingly responds with “We pull up when we pull up and then we get to work.”  Often the Migos are asked questions that are geared toward separating the trio. However, they consistently deflect those types of questions and show accountability essentially as a whole. Offset says “Everybody poppin’, there ain’t no weak link.” As seen in the interview between the Migos and Joe Budden, they also collectively move as one unit.  In other words, when one is ready to “square up” they all are. The group has this unwavering understanding that family comes first and they place a trust in the shared brotherhood. 

When building a team there are certain ingredients that are needed, which are commitment and trust. All team members have to be fully committed to the vision and achievement of the goal. Without full commitment to the vision then contrary paths will be taken and likely delay achievement or cause termination of goal.  Along with commitment trust is also needed. Each member has to fully trust the other team members’ skillset and ability to get their portion of the project completed. Trust is the foundation of not just great teams but relationships in general. 

Creative Freedom and Genuine Support: Let a Migo be a Migo!

From the words of Offset, they keep the environment light, happy and fun. By doing this they create an environment that is more relaxed and unstressed. This type of environment creates more enjoyable music and vibe for their excited listeners. When any place of business has a supportive environment, it makes the employee more likely to produce better quality of work as the product or service often reflects how one feels. This also promotes creative freedom. Being able to share your ideas with your team members and to feel that your opinion is being considered seriously is a major component of being a useful team member. Being able to accept that not everyone is going to always agree is also a key part of a successful team effort. 

They also never forget where they came from. They acknowledge that they started from the bottom and that they had to grind, in the words of Offset, “straight from the mud as one” to prove those inevitable naysayers wrong. Through it all, they’ve consistently had each other’s’ best interest at heart. 

Communication and Versatility: No Migo Silenced! 

Last but certainly not least, setting a compelling goal and upholding effective communication are key parts of any type long lasting relationship. Ensuring that each member is on the same page takes precedence when it comes to the group. They acknowledge that they all have a common group goal and that they have their own separate projects as well. The one thing they all say is that they all support each other’s separate ventures just as much as they support the group venture. They acknowledge the importance of being able to be versatile and that is why they encourage each other to branch off and work with other artist separately. A large part of picking who they will work with in the music industry is chemistry. Quavo says “I wouldn’t do no project with nobody I don’t got good chemistry with or rock with.” Essentially, because they move as one unit an extension for one is an extension for all. 

They consistently keep an easy-going relationship between each other and an open-flow method of communication. Their laid-back personalities support this type of communication and this is undoubtedly why they have the uncanny successful relationship that they share today. The trio admits that they are constantly growing and learning new approaches to their work. But above all things that they experience and hold dear, their loyalty to each other is what is most important to them. Keeping in mind that your team members are also wanting to succeed and that they have your best interest in mind will lead to success. This understanding of wanting mutual success is best expressed in the words of Quavo “We just a real family. We came in the door together. Everything loyal.” 


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Smooth Seas Don’t Make Strong Sailors: Why Entrepreneurs Should Embrace Challenges

Brandon Lincoln Hendricks



Smooth Seas Don't Make Strong Sailors: Why Entrepreneurs Should Embrace Challenges. Entrepreneur By Nature

Growing a successful business is not for the weak hearted. It takes perseverance, passion, dedication and courage to make your startup bloom. Anyone going into business should expect hardships and challenges before an inch of success is seen. The moments when you finally get the results you’ve been working towards the battle scars and wounds are all worth the fight. Embrace the challenges you face in business because….

1. You Learn What Works and What Doesn’t 

This is may be most obvious logic, but it’s funny how we forget to remember and apply what we learned from the previous hardship. Any challenges we face, we must overcome. And, each time, it’s a lesson learned. Don’t repeat the same mistakes, especially when you endured the challenges of the previous lesson. When it comes to your business, pride must be put to the side, and you must submit to the lessons learned. Speak to your customers or clients and be open to getting feedback and award them for their input. We must appreciate the progress because no strong foundation can be built on guesses or assumptions only proof and provide stability.

2. You Learn to Control Your Emotions.

When you start a business from the ground up, your business is our baby! And, it can be hard to separate what’s just business, to something that’s so personal to us. After you’ve been through your share of highs and lows as a business owner, it’s easier to throw in the towel and save your passion for all the things about your business you can control. Whatever disasters come your way, you’ll be able to keep a cool head and handle the situation without getting your feelings involve. Just like drinking and driving don’t mix, neither do your emotions when making business decisions. Every challenge you face as a business owner is not because the world doesn’t want to see you win, it just the world saying there is a different way. You’ll compromise the growth of your business if you let your emotions make the decisions.

3. You Become a Better Leader.

Despite the common misconception, being the boss (let alone your own boss) is the hardest job of all. You have to rely entirely on your customers or clients to grow or maintain your business. Once you start employing, you’ll be relying on your team to help support it. If you’re lucky, your endeavors will inspire people to want to be apart of your company whether they’re working for you, or you for them. Part of being a great leader is seeing the bigger picture. Nobody wants a condensing micromanager for a boss, but there are plenty out there. World renown businessman Richard Branson said it best, “Clients do not come first, employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients.” You’ll feel more passionate about your work when you feel you’re apart of something, that your work matters, and makes a difference. If you make your employees feel like you’re all a team, that’s a start to becoming a great leader. And, leadership skills are necessary within any good CEO.

No matter how you look at it, embracing challenges is something any entrepreneur has to do. The struggles in business never stop, but how you face them makes all the difference. You’ll only become wiser and stronger. Stay ahead by applying what you learned. Develop a practical disposition and handle the chaos like a breeze. And, when all the chips fall, you’ll still be a leader whom your team wants to follow.

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3 Business Lessons You Can Learn From Kim Kardashian

Brandon Lincoln Hendricks



3 Business Lessons You Can Learn From Kim Kardashian.

Like her or not, Kim Kardashian is an undisputed force in the business world. She is the ultimate powerhouse and very successful at it. Kim is one of the most followed people on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. She has fans all around the globe and a very successful reality show with her family, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which has just concluded its fifteenth season. Kim has had multiple business ventures such as her beauty brands namely, KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance. Let’s face it; this woman is a brand that many people look up to and aspire to be like since she is a brand on her own. So, what business lessons can we learn from her? Let us find out.

Be Authentic.

You need to be true to yourself. The right people will associate with your brand. Kim does not care about what people think but gets up and does her own thing. She makes brave choices while taking risks. By sticking to who she is, she has been able to attract people who are loyal to that and repel those who are not. When it comes to business, the worst thing you could do is to pretend to be something you are not. It will lead you to create standards for yourself that are impossible even to achieve. You will get tired after a while so you should be authentic and believe that the rest will follow.

Do Not Be Afraid Of Evolving.

In the period that Kim Kardashian has been in the spotlight, which spans over ten years, her brand has evolved. Her reinvention in 2016 that was created during her social media hiatus shook things up. In that period, she has been able to enlarge her brand and even add contouring kits, eye shadow pallets and even crystal fragrances to her collection. These businesses have performed very well and also sold out on many occasions within a short period. Your business will need to grow and evolve. You cannot do the same thing for years and expect the company to perform beyond your expectations. It is okay to shift how you do things to stay current and also relevant in this era.

Partner With Successful People.

If you want to know how to grow your business, you need to associate and also partner with other successful firms or people. You will always learn something that you did not know about before. Kim partnered with Brian Lee to create Shoedazzle. She also made Belle Noel jewelry by partnering with Pascal Mouwad, a billionaire jeweler. Partnering with these people has made her have a long-term business legacy that she will leave behind.

Kim is very hardworking and motivated to achieve her goals. From the points above, we can learn three lessons that we can incorporate into our businesses to make them successful, whether big or small. You should, however, note that all her successes did not come overnight, it took a lot of blood and sweat and willingness not to give up.

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I Dont Dance Now, I Make Money Moves: What Cardi B Can Teach You About Success

Brandon Lincoln Hendricks



I Dont Dance Now, I Make Money Moves: What Cardi B Can Teach You About Success.
(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Whether you’re in your car listening to the radio or at home watching television, you are likely to have came across Cardi B. Cardi B is a recording artist and entertainer that is unapologetically going to be herself. She is out here succeeding on her terms and making boss moves in the process. Whether you are an entertainer or entrepreneur there is something to learn from Cardi B’s rise and success. 

There’s a reason she’s been dominating pop culture. Cardi B has become the poster child for authenticity and being “you “ no matter what.  Her unfiltered and unapologetic personality keeps her in a lane of her own. 

After listening to her new song ” Money” you know she is about her business, “I was born to flex… nothing in this world that I like more than checks”. Meet Cardi B the successful branding expert and marketing genius. 

Here’s a few things any entrepreneur can learn from this fabulous hiphop artist and her self-made business, branding and marketing, well… herself. 

1. There are Many Routes to Success, Choose the Best One for You. 

Cardi B started from the bottom. From ages 18 to 23 she held a profession many people would frown upon. Cardi chose stripping as a means to make money.  

She may not have wanted this to be her longterm career but she knew for the time being she needed fuel to make the journey on her success path. This was the GPS directions she chose to get to her goal’s destination. She knew that many people from the entertainment industry frequent strip clubs and although an unconventional strategy this ending up being an innovative networking opportunity. She leveraged celebrity interactions and her natural sense of humor to create attention and build an audience on social media.

“Although an unconventional strategy this ending up being an innovative networking opportunity.”

Once she started making music, she already had an audience through her social media platforms, and her talent as a recording artist was quickly recognized. Her hits “Bodak Yellow” and “I Like It” quickly climbed up to Billboard’s Top 100 #1 spot. 

So, be like Cardi, and don’t be afraid to choose your own route to success even if its considered atypical or contrary to the norm. Remember crazy is a term used when you are unsuccessful, but crazy becomes genius when it works. Others might not like it, but you are the one that is responsible for your success. It is important to trust yourself. 

2You Dont Have to be Perfect, Just Start and Make Adjustments Along the Way

Anyone who listens to a Cardi B interview or watches her social content will all agree she is far from perfect, but that is why she is loved by her fans and followers. Perfection is a discretionary adjective without a clear metric which makes it impossible to measure growth. Cardi B didn’t wait for media coaching or obtaining a degree in marketing, she simply started and made adjustments along the way.  

” Perfection is a discretionary adjective without a clear metric which makes it impossible to measure growth.”

As entrepreneurs we know what gets measured gets improved. We cant wait for our product or service to be “ perfect” before we release or we will never get it to the public. Like Cardi B we must put our product or service out with sufficient features and make adjustments based the feedback from the users. 

3. Ignore Haters and Focus On Your Plan

Cardi frequently reminds her fans where she came from, and understands her shameless attitude towards her previous profession would make some uncomfortable…but she couldn’t care less. 

Even before Cardi became famous, she didn’t allow the opinion of others to influence or change her. She still sought out her vision and continued the plan she set for herself. 

There will always be doubters. You have to be proud of what you do, and be happy with your work. If you stop because of the haters, you’ll never become successful in anything. 

4. Make it Easier for People Coming Behind You

“People say ‘Why do you always got to say that you used to be a stripper? We get it’ Because y’all don’t respect me because of it, and y’all gonna respect these strippers from now on.” 

By representing her previous profession as a stripper, and standing by those who still are, shows character and brands herself as more than just a hiphop artist but a pioneer for others. 

Carving out the new path takes energy, time and a strong will. Anytime you are first to do something and move along uncharted land you will encounter many barriers and challenges. Be sure to give back to your community and inspire others that have came from similar starts or circumstances to give them confidence in their dreams. 

5.Don’t Compete with Others, Just Be the Best You. 

 Clients will be drawn to you based on what makes you different  not what make you similar to other companies. If at any time during Cardi B’s progression she was asked to be more like this person, act like this person, or change her personality, she would have alienated her followers for the #1 reason that they follow her, because she is unique. 

In closing, it’s easy to say the odds of Cardi still around “making money moves” in the years to come, are highly in her favor. Never forget that people will always doubt you! Cardi loves to mention how many people thought she was going to be a one hit wonder. “That little 15 minutes lasted long as hell, huh?” You could either be planning your road to stardom like Cardi B, or starting a your own business. Use Cardi B as a resource for, being you and succeeding in whatever you do! 


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