September 19, 2021

Entrepreneur By Nature

Entrepreneur By Nature

Photo Credit: Allison Farrand

3 Entrepreneurial Tips From Lebron James

The name Lebron James will always direct your mind to basketball, where he is a star. However, most people do not know that Lebron is equally a very successful entrepreneur who has built up many businesses. At a young age, he already gained recognition due to his talent and got the name, King James. This popularity and growth in his skill helped him to be more famous worldwide. He became the icon for the NBA. Despite all the attention he got from the public eye, Lebron was focusing on a bigger picture rather than the endorsement deals and sponsorships.

Finacial Model Creation.

With many companies looking to sign deals with him, Lebron and his CEO, Maverick Carter, came up with a financial model for athletes. He agreed to make partnerships if only the companies allowed him to receive some amount of equity in their business. The business model has built his career to see the creation of the Lebron James empire.

Tips For Enterpreneurs.

Move out of your comfort zones

Form partnerships with people who can elevate you to the next level. Set pride aside, and always swallow your ego. Lebron made a move from Cleveland’s, which was like his comfort zone to Miami heat for new challenges.

Accept criticism and face all your adversaries.

When he made a move to Miami heat, Lebron got the right amount of negative energy, especially from his Fans back in Cleveland. He, however, heed his calling despite the situation.

Think in terms of long term assets.

Organize yourself and your career to achieve all the goals you have set. Stop paying attention to the short term profits but focus on where you want to be in the future.

Always focus on winning, and you will not achieve this if you continuously stay in your comfort zones. Give yourself challenges to explore and be on a mission to achieve your goals.

*Photo Credit: Allison Farrand