August 2, 2021

Entrepreneur By Nature

Entrepreneur By Nature

5 Things - Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Tai Lopez. Entrepreneur By Nature

5 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Tai Lopez

You have seen him on social media and watched his YouTube ads. Tai Lopez is one of the biggest entrepreneurial success stories around.

He is a college dropout who started out working in the finance industry. Always wanting to make more of himself in life, he followed the advice of mentors he had both in life and from books. He became a multi-millionaire as the founder of the 67 Step method for success online.

Along the way, Tai has shared his lessons for success freely. The following are five lessons he learned which any entrepreneur can benefit from.

1 Find Mentors

Lopez is a die-hard fan of business mentors like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and many other successful business giants. He reads for hours at a time every day. He recommends entrepreneurs do the same. Buffett reads eight hours a day, Lopez explains. It is only by learning from others that we can grow and learn how to succeed in business.

You can only trust your instincts so far. No one, according to Tai, ever learned how to speak a language as a baby by their instincts. They learned from others. Entrepreneurs learn from their mentors, dead or alive, by attending talks, reading books or watching videos like the ones Tai has on YouTube.

As Abraham Lincoln used to say, you want to learn from everybody even if it is learning what not to do. Find mentors in your real life or via history or the Internet. The best way to learn what not to do is also by following your mentors.

2 – Work Smarter, Not Harder

So many people work at paycheck jobs and tirelessly put in hour after hour, day after day and year after year of grueling, repetitive work. They could be doing something that they feel called to do. If only they had the guts to break away and do something that a successful business mogul has done they could break from this workaday world where they think that the harder they work, the better off they will be.

There are ways to work smarter and less repetitively, according to Tai. He tells plenty of allegorical tales of how some people have made things in life worse by working hard instead of working smart. Pay attention to where you put your time each day. Most of it could be towards reading and learning how to become an entrepreneur!

3 – Find Your Motivation

If you have a paycheck lifestyle, you may think your motivation has been zapped from you. You are bored and tired yet, there are things you do love. Whatever you do that you enjoy is something you are motivated to do. Think of ways you can monetize what brings you joy.

4 – Be A Perfectionist

Aim to make three mistakes out of every million transactions. Attention to details does matter to success.

5 – Have Thick Skin

When you own a brand, it will evolve over time. When you change your brand’s version, watch out. People will resist it and they will let you know! Have thick skin. People always resist something new.