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5 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Tai Lopez

Brandon Lincoln Hendricks



5 Things - Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Tai Lopez. Entrepreneur By Nature

You have seen him on social media and watched his YouTube ads. Tai Lopez is one of the biggest entrepreneurial success stories around.

He is a college dropout who started out working in the finance industry. Always wanting to make more of himself in life, he followed the advice of mentors he had both in life and from books. He became a multi-millionaire as the founder of the 67 Step method for success online.

Along the way, Tai has shared his lessons for success freely. The following are five lessons he learned which any entrepreneur can benefit from.

1 Find Mentors

Lopez is a die-hard fan of business mentors like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and many other successful business giants. He reads for hours at a time every day. He recommends entrepreneurs do the same. Buffett reads eight hours a day, Lopez explains. It is only by learning from others that we can grow and learn how to succeed in business.

You can only trust your instincts so far. No one, according to Tai, ever learned how to speak a language as a baby by their instincts. They learned from others. Entrepreneurs learn from their mentors, dead or alive, by attending talks, reading books or watching videos like the ones Tai has on YouTube.

As Abraham Lincoln used to say, you want to learn from everybody even if it is learning what not to do. Find mentors in your real life or via history or the Internet. The best way to learn what not to do is also by following your mentors.

2 – Work Smarter, Not Harder

So many people work at paycheck jobs and tirelessly put in hour after hour, day after day and year after year of grueling, repetitive work. They could be doing something that they feel called to do. If only they had the guts to break away and do something that a successful business mogul has done they could break from this workaday world where they think that the harder they work, the better off they will be.

There are ways to work smarter and less repetitively, according to Tai. He tells plenty of allegorical tales of how some people have made things in life worse by working hard instead of working smart. Pay attention to where you put your time each day. Most of it could be towards reading and learning how to become an entrepreneur!

3 – Find Your Motivation

If you have a paycheck lifestyle, you may think your motivation has been zapped from you. You are bored and tired yet, there are things you do love. Whatever you do that you enjoy is something you are motivated to do. Think of ways you can monetize what brings you joy.

4 – Be A Perfectionist

Aim to make three mistakes out of every million transactions. Attention to details does matter to success.

5 – Have Thick Skin

When you own a brand, it will evolve over time. When you change your brand’s version, watch out. People will resist it and they will let you know! Have thick skin. People always resist something new.

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Keys To Building a Business Empire: How Pierre Thomas and Kevin Lee Built Quality Control into a Music Empire

Brandon Lincoln Hendricks



Keys To Building a Business Empire: How Pierre Thomas and Kevin Lee Built Quality Control into a Music Empire. Entrepreneur By Nature

The music industry, like many other professions, is competitive, secretive and requires a lot of hard work. It’s easy to reap the benefits of any business accomplishment but what are the keys to staying motivated and what does it really take to persevere? In an interview with Quality Control creators, Pierre Thomas and Kevin Lee, talk about what really happened in the development of their empire. In this tell all, they shared the high lights and low lights. Through it all, many things contributed to their success but a few of the main themes from their own mouths are as follows:

  1. Staying determined

Recognize that everyone is not your friend in the industry. The reality of the situation is business is business and everyone wants to be on top. However, everyone can’t be number 1 so naturally the shadiness within the business presents itself. Others will try to use you till you can’t be used anymore and it’s certainly enough to break your spirit. Quality Control’s Pierre Thomas shares in an interview that this is indeed the case. He says “I was getting ready to quit the music business. I had been doing it a few years with my prior partners and I had got frustrated with the business: trying to get on, investing a lot of money and dealing with the wrong people. Just finding out that the music business is a real shady business.” He went further to explain “People don’t want to share certain information. They just want to keep using you [for your money] and keep you at a certain level.” Even though this realization was devastating for Pee and appeared to be the end of the road for him, it ended up being the push he needed to invest in his own label, which is now known as Quality Control.

2. Staying fluid

In this entertainment field especially, it is vital to their success to be able to stay fresh and updated. Being able to submerge yourself into the world and observe the happenings to stay on the up and up about what’s in and what’s not will define your adaptability or fluidity. In any type of business, flexibility and the ability to grow are essential to what is known as a business plan. Most people make a business plan before begining a business and think that refinement should be kept to a minimum. To the contrary, business plan reconstruction is sometimes a must to see advancement in the business. It’s okay to realize that your original plan might not work out the way you wanted it to. Realize that this is normal in businesses across the board. Pee’s partner, Kevin, also known as Coach K, says “As the music was transitioning and getting younger, I might go out and hang on the hipster scene. Just to vibe and see what’s going on and I started noticing all this movement in that world.” It’s no secret that this guys are from a different era so the music today is definitely something that they had to adjust to. That really shows how much they had adapt to in order to capitalize. They realize that the younger scene is the market that they want to target and they tailor their service to the target market that they want to serve. Or at least where they wanted to start their market which leads me to the next theme.

3. Expanding your marketing dynamisms

This simply means to not be afraid of stepping outside the box. Don’t let society dictate the choices that you make for your business. It is yours after all. Pee says “We gone stay small…We gone take over the world.” Later it was further clarified that he means that the success that they have can only be maintained by keeping the business circle small while expanding their marketing efforts. Lil Yachty pointed out “It’s not too much [places] you can go without hearing or seeing one of us. You can see Quavo on ESPN now throwing a football. We everywhere, all three plus me.” Lil Yachty is right. Without even noticing it, they slowly have been seeping into all aspects of life. Lil Yachty was just seen in a sprite commercial and in stores he is about to come out with his own fragrance. “I’m finna’ be right there by the deodorant.” he says. They are dominating the industry and expanding their markets by expanding their goals. Coach K says, “When you get to a point where you become complacent, that’s where you fall. So, we are always striving. And it’s very competitive in house. We all family but it’s very competitive.” Offset says “We got real loyalty and love.” They’ve made it and Takeoff says that he wants the group and the label to achieve “longevity”, a feature all business owners want for their business.

Quality Control Talks the Rise of Migos & Lil Yachty, Leaking “Bad & Boujee,” & Building an Empire:

How to Make Your Small Business More Successful:

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When Its a Billion Dollars in an Elevator: How The Right Spouse Can Raise Your Game (Jay Z & Beyoncé)

Brandon Lincoln Hendricks



When Its a Billion Dollars in an Elevator: How The Right Spouse Can Raise Your Game (Jay Z & Beyoncé)

Jay Z and Beyoncé: How Your Spouse Can Upgrade Your Success

Jay Z and Beyoncé have been pursuing this relationship of longevity since the late 20th century, which means this relationship is approaching 20 years. These two have most certainly had their trials and tribulations but still holdfast today. I’m sure many of us want to know how they did it. The average modern marriage only last 7-8 years according to some sources and yet these two have made it to almost 11 years. Many articles and blogs claim to hold the secret holy grail to what you should look for in a spouse or how to make a long-term relationship last. But what really are the ingredients for this most sought-after connection?

Here we will list what relationship qualities this couple exhibits:

1.Being Independent

Well, when you think of this power couple, what do you think of? Dollar signs, perhaps. That’s right. It’s no secret that these two separately have their own empires in the music industry. The two have a combined networth of 1.25 billion, hence the famous Beyoncé lyrics “Of course, sometimes, some sh*t goes down when it’s a billion dollars on an elevator.” Though Jay Z earns more than his spouse, she is no way draining him of his fortune. She is undoubtedly adding to his success by focusing on her own success. While Jay Z runs his own multiple business affairs, Beyoncé also maintains her business ventures and never loses the sight of what she wants the end goal to be for each of her phenomenal missions. Being independent means to have your own thing going on and it means to allow yourself to regroup spiritually. Taking time away to better yourself not only allows for the heart to grow fonder for your spouse, but it also helps builds your own self confidence. And self confidence is a must for true happiness. So, if you don’t support your spouse’s grind, what you doin’ boo?

2. Collaborating: Communication is Key

Although, having your own thing going on is a must so is being able to work together. We’ve been able to witness the two work together on a whole album this past year. When you think about what these two had to do in order to make time to produce a whole album together, that’s actually quite astounding. These two are probably some of the busiest people that we know and yet they are still able to set aside the time to work together and successfully complete this album which was considered a success in sales. Throughout the album, you definitely witness Jay-Z’s old school approach blend with Beyoncé’s new school approach. The two balance the seemingly opposite styles in a fascinating way. Being able to collaborate absolutely shows us that these two have amazing communication skills. They are able to not only receive but respect each other’s unique creative insight and allow each other to flourish in being independent while nurturing the relationship.

3. Forgiveness

As aforementioned, the couple has gone through some extremely tough times. But as we have watched their tough times, we also have had the pleasure of seeing them get through them. It’s no secret that Jay-Z had an extramarital affair or two. During this time, their marriage seemed to be the spectacle of the year and everyone wanted to know what Beyoncé had to say about all of this. She gracefully handled the situation by releasing her song Flawless which seemed to be a self-glorifying anthem. At the time, the song kept us all engaged wanting to know what the cause really was. Even as the song was a message of her strength, we all know how it feels to be betrayed. She chose to forgive Jay-Z and move on from the scandal. In an interview with CNN, Jay-Z says that Beyoncé gives his mother “a run for her money” in being the strongest woman he knows.

Forgiveness is a common theme in all long-lasting relationships. Jay-Z and Beyoncé chose to keep their family together and defy the odds. They both made a choice, in the words of Jay-Z, “We chose to fight for our love, for our family, to give our kids a different outcome, to break that cycle for black men and women.” Jay-Z goes on to say that you must acknowledge that pain and “You have to let that person have their say.” Flawless and multiple other of Beyoncé’s songs were undoubtedly fueled by the pain that this scandal brought her. Jay-Z admits that was tough to watch her be in pain and to take it out as she did, but he says, “You have to be strong enough to listen to that pain…because on the other side it’s beautiful.”

“15 Key secrets to a successful Marriage”
“A year-by-year guide to your risk of divorce.”
“Beyoncé and Jay-Z Drop Joint Album ‘Everything Is Love’”
“Jay-Z opens up about fighting for his marriage with Beyoncé”

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3 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Gary Vee

Brandon Lincoln Hendricks



5 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Gary Vee.

If you have been following digital marketing in the past few years, you have likely heard about Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee). He has been gaining a lot of steam in the digital marketing world with his own marketing agency and various book releases. There is a lot that you can learn from Gary Vee as an entrepreneur. Below, we will be going over some of the key things that you can learn and take away from reading Gary Vee’s books and listening to what he has to say.

Top Things You Can Learn From Gary Vee:

1. Keyword – Hustle.

When it comes to learning from Gary Vee as an entrepreneur, the key takeaway is having the ‘hustle.’ This is what Gary contributes most of his success to come from. He constantly promotes hustling and making things happen rather than waiting around for them to happen. This is exactly how he built his own businesses and how he continues to promote building businesses. As an entrepreneur, the key take away is looking to make things happen rather than waiting around or being reactive. Instead, you should be proactive with your time. When everyone is taking the day off to enjoy a laid-back lifestyle, you should be hustling and looking to make moves and make things happen.

2. Narrow It Down.

Another big thing that you are going to want to do when it comes to being successful at building a business would be to focus on having a specialty. You want to narrow down your niche to the point where you are able to effectively market your business to the exact target market that you are looking to. Along with this, you are going to be able to become the ultimate authority in the niche and industry that you end up choosing. Having a specialty when it comes to launching a business can completely transform your ability to succeed because you will stop trying to cater to everyone and instead look to cater to a specific subset of the demographic which is where you are going to have a greater chance to succeed. Don’t Dwell On Failure.

3. Don’t Dwell On Failure.

This is a lesson that anyone and everyone that is an entrepreneur is going to want to fully understand. The fact is, when it comes to being an entrepreneur, not everything is always going to go your way. You are going to fail and you are going to deal with hiccups along the way. You must avoid dwelling on failure and continue to get back up and try again. Everyone that has been successful at some point in business has failed at some point. That is why it is so important that you want to focus on learning from your mistakes. It is the entrepreneurs that are able to learn from their mistakes that ultimately end up succeeding. By avoiding using your past mistakes as a barrier or something that holds you back, you should be using them as a means to move forward.

Overall, there is so much you can learn from Gary Vee. Simply practice what he preaches and you should be able to become a much more successful entrepreneur.

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