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Sylvina Poole

Sylvina Poole

My name is Sylvina Poole and I am a senior journalist and entrepreneur.  I learned both talents at my grandmother’s knee so to speak. It only added value to my career in being up-close-and-person with the leaders in business, politics, and governments and taking in their advice for success.   I have worked for Fortune 500 companies to start-ups delivering powerful and engaging messages to their audiences. Growing up, I was constantly inspired by my elders, the stories they would share and their relentless entrepreneurial spirit. I learned key lessons on patience, grinding, and solving new challenges.  I would surely encounter on my journey, whatever the pursuits.     I am a cancer survivor and if this experience hasn’t done anything thing else, it grounded me in a reality that anyone can overcome and persevere in life by turning their dreams into a tangible reality.  My world could have stopped right then and there, but I wanted more and still do.  I want to educate and inspire others to preserve as well.   Trust me, in my professional experience, I have seen the best of them fall from grace and others beat the odds that were stacked against them.  This is my goal for   Please write me and let me know your thoughts on the growth of this publication.  Inquire about having your successes and learning lessons featured on our pages.

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