October 17, 2021

Entrepreneur By Nature

Entrepreneur By Nature

Entrepreneur by nature

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Generating traffic on your website is one of the essential jobs to create a successful blog or business. What is a website without any visitors?- Right, there is no purpose or aim. An artistic performance is not complete without spectators!

As a beginner, we share our blog with friends /family via numerous social media platforms, but  with the day to day promotion, the attention level can go down and the number of visitors per day decreases under ten and sometimes to zero. 

The feeling is awful & it is one of the reasons many businesses fail. With hours and hours of research on the process of increasing blog traffic, it still a comparatively hard fight to generate a good flow of visitors.

First, we need to understand those who are doing well at blogging or running an online business. They are doing it consistently for a long period of time. They also have faced the same situation you did but now with some failures, they have gained experience to be able to handle the process effectively. 

Here are the easy ways for beginners to start generating traffic to your blog

Facebook Groups

You must have noticed that Facebook pages are receiving fewer engagements, but the group is doing well. Join as many groups as possible which are related to the niche you are in and provide valuable content. That is one of the quick ways to increase your blog traffic

You can also create Facebook ads to promote your content to maximize the reach.


Pinterest is one of the most loved contents publishing platforms by bloggers. It is free to use and provides more than a month-long result. You must have noticed that publishing content on Facebook and Twitter is for some hours. After that, it gets dominated by various other contents. But Pinterest is a search Engine that means your content can be seen not only for months but for years.

While publishing a post, you must create an attractive graphic and pin it at the right time. Don’t forget to put hashtags and write keyword-rich descriptions.

Leverage Tailwind

Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram scheduling app. Having an account will save your time but also provides additional benefits. Tailwind has a feature called Tribes, where bloggers like you and me can share each other’s content to maximize the reach. As you might know: the more people repin your post, the more viral it gets and boosts the traffic. That is where Tailwind Tribes exactly helps us.

Spend time creating evergreen content

To be profitable with ads income, you need to put your content strategies first. Every content you publish should provide value to the audience. Whether you are sharing the post on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, without value the post will not get any engagement. Before writing posts, think of the end result and how the user can benefit. 

Be Visible

Google is one of the top search engines in the world. Create content that people are searching online. Use Google Keyword Planner (a free tool ) to find the search volume from all around the world. Publish content putting SEO in mind. You can download YOAST SEO to check if you are missing anything that will benefit the post to get ranked.  

Having your blog or company in Google Search is the best way to create a thriving business.