October 17, 2021

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How To Make An Affiliate Sale In 24 Hours

I am happy that you choose affiliate marketing as a way to make money. It’s by far a favored way to generate income. With the correct affiliate marketing strategy, it can create a passive income source. If you are new to Affiliate marketing: it implies promoting the product you like/ prefer to your audience and receive the commission out of each sale made from your link. The process is easy; write a blog post about the product/service or make Youtube videos describing the benefits and add the affiliate link provided by the company.

After the audience clicks the link, the promoted company will handle all the marketing and customer care. You enjoy the commission made from the affiliate link.

If you plan to make more income then you should focus on high commission-based products or services. Becoming part of $5 or $20 products might take additional time and energy for you to earn the desired income. From the date you think of becoming an affiliate, focus on high commission-based product/service.

Here are the steps to make an affiliate sale in 24 hours.

These are proven ways to make money online. And this is how I made my first affiliate sale in less than 24 hours as well.

Create a sale funnel

To obtain affiliate earnings, you need to talk about the problem they are facing, how it can be solved, reviewed, and links to purchase the product. While people read your post, they should connect so they can move to the second step. When you make an affiliate page, think of it as a sale page, and every link you mention should be your affiliate link. Be sure that your page has a single call to action. Having multiple choices can divert the audience, so focus on one product.

Promote the funnel using Pinterest

Pinterest is a search engine that millions of people visit every single day. Create a catchy graphic image and make a pin. You should know the engagement time of the audience. Promoting the pin during the engagement period will let your post go viral and bring a high traffic to your page. Pinterest is a free tool.

Facebook advertisement

One of the fastest ways to make an affiliate income is by using the Facebook advertisement. Numerous people have made millions in affiliate revenue leveraging Facebook ads. If you have funds then I recommend you to create ads to earn money in less than 24 hours. If you are new to affiliate marketing and don’t have a budget for advertisement, stick with Pinterest.

Focus on SEO

SEO stands for Search Engines Optimization. This is one of the organic ways to make affiliate sales from Google. If you are starting and want to make money quickly, this is not for you. But if you have a long term vision for your business then SEO will provide income for an extended period. 

To create your affiliate page, first do a Keyword research. Find keywords that relate to the products you want to sell and the competition. If several people are trying to rank for the same keyword then it can be difficult to promote your website on the front page of Google. In this case, try using Google Adwords. This tool will help you to make ads and target the people searching for the product/service.