October 17, 2021

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Entrepreneur By Nature

Look in the Mirror, I see a Great Man: What Kevin Gates Can Teach You About Positive Self Talk and Why You Should Start.https://entrepreneurbynature.com

Look in the Mirror, I see a Great Man: What Kevin Gates Can Teach You About Positive Self Talk and Why You Should Start. 

Kevin Gates, entrepreneur and recording artist, acknowledges that there are energies that people possess in society. Each person has their own and Kevin says it is important to protect your own energy. He says he sees energies and that determines whether he continues to pursue an interaction with a person. He has battled with depression and to combat it, he reinforces positive self-affirmation. In an interview, Kevin says “I started trusting my body. I started trusting myself.” He is projecting the product of what happens when you practice self-talk. However, protecting your energy goes way beyond just self-talk. There’re many elements that must be put into effect in order to become the person you want to be and the person you want others to perceive you as.

Here are some key things to remember:


Self-talk is something we all already practice. It’s that little voice inside your head that guides your decisions and judgments. The question of whether it is positive or not is what we are begging. Just examining your perception of yourself in your daily activities is a good place to start. If you find that you constantly whisper pessimistic thoughts into your own ears it’s time to stop because you are enough. Whatever stage you are in in life doesn’t matter because you are always in need of positive thoughts. These thoughts manifest in the way you handle situations that life throws at you and believe it or not also determines what type of energy you attract. Or even if you attract any at all.

The key to self-talk is being optimistic and consistent. You can’t expect your brain to be rewired overnight or even in one week. Practicing these uplifting mantras that you construct for yourself will soon turn in a habit. Practice makes permanent. As Kevin says “We are creatures of habit. Habit becomes a behavior.”

Guarding your energy

Kevin says he reads many books and his household doesn’t watch tv. This shows that Kevin likes to control his and his family’s influences. This is very important when it comes to forming the best you possible. People are always learning. We never stop learning just because we transition from childhood to adulthood. Or even when we’ve been in the same circumstantial situation for who knows how long. A lot of us are more impressionable than we would care to admit. So, from the music that you allow into your ears, the food that you choose to eat, the books that you choose to read, to the television shows that you chose to watch you’re always making choices that influences your thoughts about yourself. Kevin says, “If you knew the consequences behind a choice you made, would you still make that choice?”

Positivity and the company that you keep

Kevin focuses heavily on the company that he choses to keep. Not only does he take energies into account, but he also wants to surround himself with supportive characters. However, this does not necessarily mean he is seeking support for himself, but he is looking to give support and also surrounds himself with those who also gives support to others. This makes a lot of sense when you actually think about it. Kevin now teaches a life and decision-making course and says “You don’t gotta be what people want you to be. You got your own brain.” Stepping outside of the box and being a positive role model for not only his own kids but for others as well is what drives Kevin. He is reinforcing positive behaviors in them from very young ages which is going to be so beneficial for the communities of all walks of life.

Be aware of those you surround yourself with because this can play a significant role in your success. To tell the character of a person, you watch their words, interest, and what they invest their time into. Kevin says, “If I don’t change, I’d be a fool. I’m setting myself up for destruction.” To elevate yourself, you have to be willing to leave behind those who are only draining you of your full potential. In general, if they aren’t adding more good in life than bad, then you are choosing to be held back by this particular person. Kevin says, “Understand that some [people] don’t have the understanding that you have.”


Practicing what you preach to yourself daily will not only present itself in the way you think but ultimately in every aspect of your life. You will find that both your physical and mental health will improve just with the healthier food choices that you make. That will render you being more energized and productive. You being more fruitful ultimately leads to more happiness. True happiness within one’s self because people were made to create. What you will create is up to you, but let’s all start with postivity and happiness.

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