August 2, 2021

Entrepreneur By Nature

Entrepreneur By Nature

Nipsey Hussle's Rise As A Hip-Hop Entrepreneur

Nipsey Hussle’s Rise As A Hip-Hop Entrepreneur

Who is Nipsey Hussle?

Born in South Los Angeles, Nipsey Hussle grew up at a time where getting involved in gangs was commonplace. For a brief period in his younger years, he joined a gang but pursued other opportunities including a brief role in a movie. With time, he was able to work on his craft, which included hip-hop and business building.

It was in 2005 when he was able to launch a mixtape titled, “Slauson Boy Volume 1,” and that went onto help him progress. He was able to launch a series of mixtapes after this one got out to the masses.

Becoming a Self-Made Hip Hop Entrepreneur

With so many rappers with larger followings in hip-hop, how was Nipsey Hussle able to become a stand out self-made entrepreneur. It all started by creating a record label under his name instead of joining up with someone else. This was a leap of faith on his part or a wise investment (depending on how one were to look at it), but it came off just the way he wanted. He was able to launch additional mixtapes after his first one and get people to listen with the help of his record label.

Before anything else, Nipsey Hussle has always alluded to one thing in his interviews and that is the dedication behind building a career. In hip-hop, it’s all about putting your best foot forward and understanding the grind that comes along with a career in music. He was able to understand this quickly and that is when he took the jump towards a personal record label. He realized this was the way to control where he was going and it all had to start with effort. He had to put in the time to work on his music and that is exactly what he did. The foundation of his career was built on the shoulders of hard work and that’s something he continues to profess to this day.

Building a Team

For him, it was important to start off with a strong team that could establish a small empire around him. Each individual needed to have a good understanding of what needs to be done to build a brand. This included several family members that he was able to rely on during his earlier years. As he was crafting good music, he was also putting together a robust team that has managed to stay with him to this day. By having a qualified team, he was able to promote the music and get it out in front of people quickly.

Without a good team, he was always going to struggle and that is why he didn’t try to wing it. Nipsey Hussle took the time to find qualified people to make sure he was heading in the right direction and not making mistakes along the way. He was only going to get one chance at building a great brand and he wanted to do it the right way.

Using Music as a Launching Pad

To build an empire, it’s not just about music but also everything that comes along with it. Nipsey Hussle understood this at an earlier stage of his career and make sure to extract as much value out of his time as possible. It wasn’t about selling a large volume of records and hoping for the best. While this was a portion of his approach to building a brand, he wanted to make sure this spread. He wanted to have live performances, signings, tours, and everything that comes along with being a success story.

Over time, he has also started to look into other ventures that can be used to establish a stronger presence in hip-hop. This is something he continues to tell people because making it musically is just one step. It’s also important to continue to build and have something that is going to last for a lifetime.

Music isn’t the only aspect of being a successful self-made hip-hop entrepreneur. There are many variables, and each one is just as important as the other for a successful setup. Otherwise, you may have great music, but the brand isn’t going to grow at the pace of the music.

These are the reasons for Nipsey Hussle’s rise to the top of the self-made entrepreneur charts and why he continues to grow with each passing day. While so many one-hit wonders have come onto the scene, he has managed to do well since his first mixtape and expand his brand. It’s been like a snowball simply building up and getting larger with time. His brand has got to the point where it is the talk of the town and he is often cited as one of the leading hip-hop entrepreneurs in the world. He has shown the way for those who want to win financially and musically.