August 2, 2021

Entrepreneur By Nature

Entrepreneur By Nature

What Young Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Sean McVay.

Image Credit: Paul Rodriguez

What Young Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Sean McVay

As an entrepreneur, you need to be constantly learning. It is imperative to consistently take things away from others successful in their respective professions because it can typically be applied in your business building or entrepreneurial efforts. In this article, we will be specifically going over some of the different things that entrepreneurs can learn from Sean McVay.

3 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Sean McVay:

  • Routines.

One of the main things that you are going to want to take away from Sean McVay is the importance of having routines. You want to have routines that can put you in the best possible position to succeed. McVay specifically utilizes a routine that gets him working longer hours than his competition. By getting longer hours in the film room, he gives himself and his team an advantage to correct mistakes and to prevent mistakes from happening. It also gives him a chance to prepare much more effectively for a game than his competition.

  • Discipline and Dedication.

Another major takeaway from Sean McVay is the need to have both discipline and dedication. You want to be sure that you are going to be putting yourself and your entire team in a position to succeed. Thus, you are going to need to be willing to make specific sacrifices that you wouldn’t necessarily have to if you were looking to be average. As an entrepreneur, you are going to need to make specific sacrifices to build whatever you are looking to build. You can’t have a lack of discipline like you might be able to get away with if you were an employee.

  • Make Your Team Better.

Another big takeaway from Sean McVay is figuring out ways to not only improve yourself but your entire team. As an entrepreneur, one of the differences between success and failure is knowing when and how to delegate certain tasks. While entrepreneurs might be used to doing a lot of tasks on their own, there comes a time when it is necessary to have a proper delegation. You want to be sure that you are delegating responsibility in not only a way that your employees can handle, but in a way that is going to position them to succeed. Thus, you need to know who you are delegating to and whether or not they are going to be able to handle it.

Overall, there is so much that you can learn from the NFL’s youngest rising star. Sean McVay consistently puts himself and his team in a position to succeed every time they step onto the field. That is the exact approach that you can implement in your business environment. You want to really look to implement some of the things that makes Sean McVay great. Not only does it come from his drive, will, and dedication, but also from his willingness to be better and to put in more hours than his competition. He succeeds largely because he wants it so much and that is perhaps the biggest takeaway of all from the NFL’s rising star.