October 17, 2021

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When Its a Billion Dollars in an Elevator: How The Right Spouse Can Raise Your Game (Jay Z & Beyoncé)https://entrepreneurbynature.com

When Its a Billion Dollars in an Elevator: How The Right Spouse Can Raise Your Game & Keep You Grounded (Jay Z & Beyoncé)

Jay Z and Beyoncé: How The Right Spouse Can Raise Your Game & Keep You Grounded

Jay Z and Beyoncé have been pursuing this relationship of longevity since the late 20th century, which means this relationship is approaching 20 years. These two have most certainly had their trials and tribulations but still holdfast today. I’m sure many of us want to know how they did it. The average modern marriage only last 7-8 years according to some sources and yet these two have made it to almost 11 years. Many articles and blogs claim to hold the secret holy grail to what you should look for in a spouse or how to make a long-term relationship last. But what really are the ingredients for this most sought-after connection?

Here we will list what relationship qualities this couple exhibits:

1.Being Independent

Well, when you think of this power couple, what do you think of? Dollar signs, perhaps. That’s right. It’s no secret that these two separately have their empires in the music industry. The two have a combined net worth of 1.25 billion, hence the famous Beyoncé lyrics “Of course, sometimes, some sh*t goes down when it’s a billion dollars on an elevator.” Though Jay Z earns more than his spouse, she is no way draining him of his fortune. She is undoubtedly adding to his success by focusing on her progress. While Jay Z runs his multiple business affairs, Beyoncé also maintains her business ventures and never loses the sight of what she wants the end goal to be for each of her unique missions. Being independent means to have your own thing going on, and it means to allow yourself to regroup spiritually. Taking time away to better yourself not only provides for the heart to grow fonder for your spouse, but it also helps builds your self-confidence. And self-confidence is a must for true happiness. So, if you don’t support your spouse’s grind, what you doing?

2. Collaborating: Communication is Key

Although, having your own thing going on is a must so is being able to work together. We’ve been able to witness the two work together on a whole album the past year. When you think about what these two had to do to make time to produce an entire collection together, that’s quite astounding. These two are probably some of the busiest people that we know, and yet they are still able to set aside the time to work together and complete this album, which was considered a success in sales. Throughout the album, you witness Jay-Z’s old school approach blend with Beyoncé’s new school approach. The two balance the seemingly opposite styles in a fascinating way. Being able to collaborate shows us that these two have fantastic communication skills. They cannot only receive but respect each other’s unique creative insight and allow each other to flourish in being independent while nurturing the relationship.

3. Forgiveness

As aforementioned, the couple has gone through some tough times, which is present in all relationships but theirs has an obvious magnifying glass attached. But as we have watched their tough times, we also have had the pleasure of seeing them get through them. It’s no secret the rumors circulating of Jay-Z having an extramarital affair. During this time, their marriage seemed to be the spectacle of people wanting to see their downfall. Many were curious to know what Beyoncé had to say about all of this. She gracefully handled the situation like a Boss and said nothing only choosing to express herself artistically through her music. She realeased her song Flawless, which seemed to be a self-glorifying anthem. At the time, the song kept us all engaged, wanting to know what the cause was. Even as the song was a message of her strength, we all know how it feels to be betrayed. She chose to forgive Jay-Z and move on from the scandal. In an interview with CNN, Jay-Z says that Beyoncé gives his mother “a run for her money” in being the strongest woman he knows.

Forgiveness is a common theme in all long-lasting relationships. Jay-Z and Beyoncé chose to keep their family together and defy the odds. They both made a choice, in the words of Jay-Z, “We chose to fight for our love, for our family, to give our kids a different outcome, to break that cycle for black men and women.” Jay-Z goes on to say that you must acknowledge that pain and “You have to let that person have their say.” Flawless and multiple other of Beyoncé’s songs were undoubtedly fueled by the pain that this scandal brought her. Jay-Z admits that was tough to watch her in pain and to take it out as she did, but he says, “You have to be strong enough to listen to that pain…because on the other side it’s beautiful.”

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